Key Cash Acceleration Insights for Revenue Cycle Management Success

Join us as we talk to Casey Peters, Amplify’s Senior Vice President of Transformation, about key insights into cash acceleration and how it can set you up for revenue cycle management success. During this episode, we will discuss how the relationship between cash acceleration and financial sustainability becomes clearer by staying informed on emerging trends and insights such as technology, accounts receivable challenges, and patient balance collection considerations.

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Scott Cooper Headshot

Scott Cooper


Scott brings more than 15 years of experience in revenue cycle management to Ovation Healthcare. His career began at companies athenahealth and Nexus Healthcare Solutions where he focused on building tech-enabled revenue cycle services coupled with offshore capabilities to help business find opportunities at scale. At McKinsey & Company, he advised national health systems and RCM service providers on large-scale, operational transformations and performance programs focused on yield improvement and cost reduction. Most recently at Tegria, he led all revenue cycle services, transformation, and integration across the enterprise.