Client Success Story: Abbeville Area Medical Center


Abbeville Area Medical Center is a 25-bed critical access hospital in northwestern South Carolina. Between October 2019 and September 2020, Abbeville collected 37.2 percent of gross revenue, but believed it could do better.

Amplify Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

A long-term client, Abbeville Area Medical Center (AAMC) chose Amplify, an Ovation Healthcare subsidiary that has served more than 110 independent hospitals and collected more than $370 million, to optimize its revenue cycle performance. Amplify augmented Abbeville’s onsite staff with a new manager, restructured the organization’s processes, and implemented accountability and efficiency standards.


In the first year, Amplify increased the gross collection rate by 5.5 percent, collecting nearly $1.5 million more than expected. In year two, Amplify achieved a gross collection rate more than 10 percent greater than year one, generating almost $3 million in additional cash lift when adjusted for revenue volume.

Amplify worked closely with AAMC to improve performance from year one to year two of the partnership. Primary drivers of the increased cash from year one to year two include:

  • Reduction of avoidable write offs by 36 percent in the last six months of year two,
  • Amplify started billing for the outpatient portions of those claims for inpatient denials that were appealed and could not be overturned,
  • Increased follow up resources and efforts to accelerate cash,
  • HIM achieved a nearly 1.5-day reduction of DNFB which generated a one-time cash acceleration of almost $105,000 and
  • Improved credentialing process to help recover previously denied claims.

Client Quote

“For fiscal year 2022, AAMC is on track to reduce its operating loss by $2.6 million.”

Will Grant
Interim Financial Officer
Abbeville Area Medical Center

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